Help with QR codes when you see them on Lighthouse Newsletters.

These Quick Response Codes are designed for you to get to information quickly and can be scanned by a smartphone or tablet with a QR scanner app. There are many free QR scanner apps to choose from.

If you are just learning about QR code technology (Quick Response Code) and don't know how they work, you can follow the link to read up on them.

To scan the QR code from the newsletter or event flyer with your smartphone, you need a QR code scanner app. You can download an app to do this from the app store for free. E.g Norton Snap (about Norton Snap)

You can download Norton Snap from Google Play Store  or the  iphone App Store. Another popular QR scanner is QR code reader by Scan  or there are many others available to choose from.

If you need further help with the QR code technology - please contact Soph and she will be happy to help you.