Breakfast Club
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Breakfast Club

The Masterton Intermediate School invited The Lighthouse to run a Breakfast Club at the school each morning. 

This involves two people, each day, spending an hour serving breakfast to any children who require it.

We see this as a great opportunity for us to serve the school and local community.

Contact Ted Taylor

Building Team

The Building Team serves in the church by carrying out maintenance and development of The Lighthouse buildings and grounds. Several times a year they organize church-wide working bees. As the church grows and develops the facilities are being used for more activities and by more groups from the wider community.

Read More About The Building Team

Contact Greg Tunnicliffe

Catering Team

Our Catering Team ensures consumables are available for all of our church fellowship times. Each week our services are followed by fellowship over La Mai Fair Trade coffee, tea and nibbles. Periodically throughout the year we also gather for shared meals and celebrations. The Catering Team coordinate food and drink for these times of table fellowship.

Contact Chrissy Riddell

Children's Ministry - Mahi mnitia a ngaā Tamariki  
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During our Sunday services we have groups for three age ranges

* Starfish /Creche (1 to 4-year-olds)

* Lifeboats (5 to 9-year-olds, school Years 1-5)

* Izone (10-year-olds up)

Team Leader and Contact Amy Munn


Starfish - Creche - Pātangaroa (1 to 4-year-olds) 
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Our young children are taken out after the first bracket of singing to their own ministry area where they play, listen to Bible stories and children’s christian music and are supplied with morning tea. We have a 1:4 adult to child ratio. Children have indoor and outdoor play areas. The outdoor area is completely surrounded by the building so is escape-proof.

Contact Amy Rogers

Lifeboats  - Poti whakaora (5 to 9-year-olds, school years 3-5)
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Lifeboats step up their Biblical learning. Again these youngsters are encouraged to become actively involved in the wider church life in age appropriate ways e.g. participating in occasional Children’s Ministry led services, helping with the Food Bank collection.

Contact Amy Munn

Izone (10 to 12-year-olds. school years 6-8)
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Contact Amy Munn


Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre

The CAP Debt Centre helps people from the wider community who are in dire need because of unmanageable debt. It offers help along the journey to becoming debt free through creditor intervention, teaching money management and budgeting skills and establishing savings.

As a Christian ministry to people in debt it also seeks to introduce people to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Contact Jacqui Lockyer

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money Management Course

The CAP Money courses help people develop financial literacy skills and offer budgeting advice to people who are not (yet) in dire financial need or debt. The courses offer tools and a system of money management that help people to live within their means and so avoid getting into debt.

Courses are run throughout the year in several venues around the Wairarapa District.

Contact Jo Gibson

Finance Team

The Finance Team manage the budget for the whole church and all its various Ministry Teams and commitments. They ensure the Church remains compliant with the Charities Commission, IRD and insurance requirements.

Contact Peter Riddell

Food Bank - Whata

We operate a food bank from which people can be given a helping hand in times of need. The donation of non-perishable groceries is an integral part of our Sunday worship services (Romans 12:1b). A shopping trolley is taken around, often by our youngsters, to collect contributions. Food parcels have been given to CAP clients, church members and people from the wider community.

Contact Shirley Slykerman

Greeters Team
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Our Greeters ensure that everyone who comes to the church is welcomed and enabled to feel at ease whether they are first time or intermittent visitors or regular attenders. The Greeters ensure everyone receives our weekly newsletter and any other information they may require from the Information Table or notice board.


Library - Whare pukapuka 
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 The Library provides Christian books across a wide range of categories such as Children, Young people, Women, Men, Christian Living, Theology. We also have children’s and adults Christian DVDs and CDs.

All library resources are available to be borrowed free of charge. There is no set time but we do ask that resources not being actively used are returned promptly so that others can benefit from them.

Several times a year we have a New Books Table.

Contact Church Office



Life Groups
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Life Groups are an integral part of the life of the church. Pastoral care takes place mainly in the Life Group setting. Life Groups are where we “do life” together. They are where we are encouraged and taught how to grow in our Spiritual Gifts and they provide opportunities for involvement that help promote a sense of belonging. There are various types of Life Groups including two ladies groups, a Young Adults group and several couples and families groups.

The groups meet in different homes throughout the Wairarapa, at different times and on different days.

Contact Andrew Munn or Bruce de Haas

Missions Team - Mīihana
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The Missions Team was set up to explore, spearhead and manage our international mission connections and outreaches. We partner with established groups operating in various countries. At present we support

  • a missionary family in the Philippines through New Hope Ministries
  • a theology student in India
  • a family caring for destitute people in India
  • church planters in Malaysia

We are working towards introducing a system of faith promises with the intention of expanding our missions involvement around the world.

Contact Andrew Munn

Music Team

We currently have two music teams led by Stephen Polley and Jessie Tunnicliffe. Our music teams are made up of vocalists and musicians playing a variety of instruments. Each team leads in-service worship twice a month. They practice on Thursday evenings at the church from 7.30pm onwards.

Contact Stephen Polley

Prayer Team
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Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team meets each Monday evening at the Church for prayer and spiritual development. Each Sunday representatives of the prayer team pray for and with all those involved in the service before the service starts. After the services at least two members of the prayer team are available to pray with people about any matters. People are also invited to fill in prayer request cards that members of the prayer team will pray over throughout the coming weeks.  

They appreciate feedback so they can also offer thanksgiving for answered prayers. Often prayer needs arise during the week and so the prayer team and others in the church are contacted by text, email or phone to cover urgent needs in prayer.

Contact Jen Mita

Tech Team
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Our Tech Team operates the lighting, sound, projection and recording systems. They work tirelessly, usually behind the scenes, supporting many other ministries to make our services and worship times run smoothly. They ensure all the equipment is fully operational and ready for any church or outside groups to use. They also maintain all of the computer and printing systems needed by the church.

Contact Andrew Munn