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Empowering Maximum Potential

Activities, events, ministries and churches have long gone hand-in-hand, as we worship together, fellowship together and reach out into our community. We have everything from potluck lunches and training courses at The Lighthouse Church, through to Quiz Nights, Games Nights, Men’s Breakfasts and Working Bees etc.

We get approached to run conferences, set up new ministries and even roster our support with the Breakfast Club at Masterton Intermediate School. There are often also new partnerships and new missions suggested and new issues and insights to consider.




In terms of The Lighthouse property, and our capacity to use it, we need to ensure we honour God’s provision of it also, as great stewards of His resources. We’re at a stage now, where we need a more transparent structure in place for e.g event planning, setting up a new ministry or mission, Life Group or even fundraiser. What do you do, if you’ve got an idea you’d like to pursue?

After a great deal of prayer, reflection and consultation, we’ve developed a planning process and now launch it as a LIVING PROCESS. It’s not a rigid focus. It’s something that can be reworked and perfected over time, hopefully dosed with liberal amounts of grace and prayer alongside…




Aims: We want to…

  • Help keep God and prayer part of everything we do;
  • Provide even better support for any of you keen to lead something;
  • Partner up to spread the load, spread the word ‘n spread the support…
  • Provide more scope and flexibility for greater engagement.
  • Edit and reshape the format guided as is necessary.
  • Ease the pressures we typically find overwhelming when launching something.




God’s word itself is a strategic plan. It’s one of the ways He works in and through us. Moses is our example of a strategic thinker;  then there’s his father-in-law Jethro for example too, who taught Moses how to set a plan that delegated support.

By adopting a more strategically planned approach, our God driven activities, as it was with Moses, will be successful. Strategic planning is a biblical mandate. We’ll accomplish God’s purpose by planning God’s way. View more in ‘Is Strategic Planning Biblical?

Proverb 15:22: Without counsel plans fail; but with many advisers, they succeed.
Proverb 19:21: Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.


shutterstock_335854772The process here has been prompted by a good deal of feedback over the last few years.  The planning simply requires thinking through a few more details so we’re even more streamlined, efficient and led to enjoy what’s ahead even more.

A God driven purpose, wrapped in prayer
will hopefully see even more of the wow-factors
we’ve been experiencing recently.

Where to next?

If you have an idea for The Lighthouse, e.g. activity or ministry etc, please click the Phase 1 button below to submit your plan. View this insight first for more information. Once Elders at The Lighthouse have approved the idea, please complete Phase 2. Thank you!
May God bless your journey with all of this.

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